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Dr. Paul Magda

Dr. Magda received his medical degree from the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine(1997). His postdoctoral training included an internship in internal medicine, a residency in neurology at Saint Vincent's Hospital-Manhattan (1998-2001), where he was chief resident, a fellowship in clinical neurophysiology at NYPH-Weill Medical College of Cornell University (2001-2), and a fellowship in neuromuscular diseases at the Peripheral Neuropathy Center of Weill Medical College of Cornell University (2002-3). Between 2007-2010 he ran an autonomic battery laboratory, looking for small fiber and autonomic dysfunction in a variety of neuromuscular disorders. Dr. Magda is board certified in Adult Neurology, Electrodiagnostic Medicine (EMG), and Neuromuscular Medicine.

Recent Publications

Brannagan TH 3rd, Hays AP, Chin SS, Sander HW, Chin RL, Magda P, Green PH, Latov N. Small fiber neuropathy/neuronopathy associated with celiac disease: skin biopsy findings. Archives of Neurology. 2005; 62(10): 1574-8.

Magda P, Sander HW, Schliselfeld LH, Danon MJ. Acute quadriplegic myopathy with thick filament loss spares moving muscles: an autopsy study. Acta Myologica 2006; 25:62-67.

Goldfarb AR, Sander HW, Brannagan TH 3rd, Magda P, Latov N. Characterization of neuropathies associated with elevated IgM serum levels. Journal of Neurologic Sciences. 2005; 228(2):155-60.

Magda P, Latov N, Brannagan TH, Chin RL, Sander HW. Comparison of electrodiagnostic abnormalities and criteria in a cohort of patients with CIDP. Archives of Neurology 2003: 60:1755-1759.

Chin RL, Latov N, Sander HW, Hays AP, Croul SE, Magda P, Brannagan TH 3rd. Sensory CIDP presenting as cryptogenic sensory polyneuropathy. Journal of the Peripheral Nervous System 2004; 9(3): 132-7.

Sander HW, Magda P, Chin RL, Wu A, Brannagan TH, Green PH, Latov N. Cerebellar ataxia and celiac disease. Lancet 2003; 362:1548.

Magda P, Latov N, Renard MV, Sander HW. Quantitative sensory testing: high sensitivity in small fiber neuropathy with normal NCS/EMG. Journal of the Peripheral Nervous System 2002; 7:225-228.

Magda P, Younger DS. Chapter 51: Autonomic Dysfunction in Cancer. Cancer Rehabilitation, Michael Stubbelfield, Michael W. O'Dell, editors, demosMedical 2009.

Abstracts Magda P, Tanji K, Hays AP, Younger DS. Painful small and large fiber autonomic polyneuropathy after Connaught Lyme disease vaccination. AAN Meeting 2008.

Younger DS, Orsher S, Magda P, Lair L, Tanji K, Golightly MG, AP Hays. Lyme Neuroborreliosis: Painful small fiber neuropathy and dysautonomia: preliminary results from an urban referral center employing strict CDC criteria for case selection. AAN Meeting 2008.

Magda P, Younger DS. Assessment for dysautonomia in patients with neurologic symptoms following LYMErix vaccination. AAN Meeting 2007.

Chin RL, Latov N, Hays AP, Croul SE, Magda P, Sander HW, Brannagan TH. Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) presenting as cryptogenic sensory polyneuropathy. Neurology 2003; 60:A314.