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What are Sleep Studies?

Sleep studies are diagnostic studies performed in our sleep laboratory to determine if a person has sleep apnea or other sleep disturbances. Our advanced equipment tests electrical activity in the patient's brain. These tests determine a number of factors, including detailed levels of consciousness, muscular activity in the body and cardiovascular function and breathing.

The all-night sleep study is frequently used by sleep physicians to evaluate adult patients when they are sleeping. This laboratory test is extremely valuable for diagnosing and treating many sleep disorders, including neurologic disorders, movement disorders and breathing disorders at night.

Sleep studies are generally easy to tolerate, comfortable for patients, and give  sleep physicians the information they need to accurately diagnose and treat the sleep disorder.

For more information or to arrange for a sleep study, please call 845-452-9750.  To download a printable form that will allow your Physician to order a sleep study, click on the underlined link above ("download a printable form")

Board Certified Neurologist and Sleep Medicine Specialists
Samuel Koszer, MD Board Certified in Neurology ; Board Eligible in Sleep Medicine, Member, American Academy of Sleep Medicine
Elizabeth Smedes, RRT, RPSGT Registered Respiratory Therapist, Registered Sleep Technologist